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In all seriousness, The Sarcasm Foundation has been offering unique t-shirt designs since 2005. We have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the globe. This is our new site, and we are very excited about it! Please have a look around and feel free to let us know what your thoughts are. Previously we […]

So you’ve decided you’re going to give the perfect gift of a Sarcasm Foundation T-shirt, congratulations! “But…” you may inquire politely, “How am I supposed to know what size t-shirt to get? I mean, my nephew Chauncey is now 6’2 at 11 years old!”  Fear not, you wonderful purchaser person, here’s some helpful tips! Go […]

While roving about in the jungles of Caledonia in search of the elusive self-weaving cotton plant, we came across a small tribe of nomads dyeing in their huts. The scent of the exquisite hues had drawn us to the small clearing. A chattering Myna bird alerted them to our presence. Curious eyes enquired from doorways […]