While roving about in the jungles of Caledonia in search of the elusive self-weaving cotton plant, we came across a small tribe of nomads dyeing in their huts. The scent of the exquisite hues had drawn us to the small clearing. A chattering Myna bird alerted them to our presence. Curious eyes enquired from doorways as we slowly came into the camp.

“Humunata Bree-ow!”

A figure emerged from one of the larger structures. He was wearing an expertly crafted tunic dyed the most beautifully intense sapphire blue. Strange symbols adorned the garment.

“We come in peace” I answered back with a slight bow.

“AAAAAH HAHAHAHA!” The Myna bird laughed at us.

“Ongo te martle.” The man pointed to his chest.

I turned to our guide for help.

“It says,” he offered, “Do not disturb, I’m disturbed enough already.”

Our troupe left quietly, but not before securing a source for this amazing find.

And now we offer them to you HERE in many hues and sizes, exclusively from The Sarcasm Foundation.